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Wednesday 27 June 2012

Rogers waiving the Activation Fee until June 24th,

Canada-based Rogers Wireless will be waiving its customary activation fee charges this weekend, according to a Mobile Syrup report. Customers who purchase a new device or upgrade their existing devices from now through the 24th will have the activation fee waived, saving a bit of the upfront costs associated with new devices. Of course, you’ll need to be on an approved Rogers Wireless plan to qualify for the credit; talk and text family plans, the $45 and $54 talk and text individual plans, and mobile internet stick plans are excluded from the sale.

Activation fees are already one of the most controversial fees charged to mobile phone users, so it’s always a plus when carriers decide to have sales to waive them. Carriers charge these fees because the costs associated with upgrading to a new device or activating a new line of service have reportedly increased, thus requiring them to charge more money to offset this growing expense. Customers hate paying these charges because they feel those fees are already baked into the cost of the device and corresponding 2 or 3-year service plan.

Rogers Wireless customers looking to upgrade should do so before the end of the day Sunday to qualify for the activation fee credit. Of course, with the Galaxy S III set to launch next Wednesday, it may be worth the extra $35 activation you’d pay if you waited until Wednesday. Though, the HTC One X is an equally capable device and is currently available on Rogers.

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