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Monday 21 July 2014

Nokia lovers new delight — Nokia XL

 A few days back I, decided to get myself a smartphone. Well, with the new smartphone era, just being on the edge, and me being a big Nokia buff, I decided to check on the Nokia XL. 

Well, frankly speaking I had two options in mind. The Nokia XL and the hugely advertised Samsung Galaxy Grand NEO.  After a week long research, I decided to give Nokia a fair chance to woo me first.
The following Sunday I walked into the store. There was the Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo in bright orange at display. Well, let me tell you frankly, it was rather too nice to overlook. And with the Samsung Craze all around its really tough to overlook the NEO. But, I asked for the XL instead.

The store attendant brought the Xl out in black and white. Well, the black one makes you beg for the Grand, but the white Nokia XL steals your heart away; at the very first chance. There is just no turning back to it.
For all those who have been menaing to buy the nokia XL, but are in doubt with regards to the recent downfall in the Nokia Lumia series, let me tell you, with reards to the price the Nokia XL gives out a  good phone. All you need to configure is already there (well, er, except for whatsapp—but then again you can always download it or get it from the store attendant, like I did). The processor works fine. It’s a dual sim phone. So you can just choose an operator that allows you the lowest of prices in terms of data usage.
Well, and then there is the amazing Nokia Battery. On 3G the battery lasts for about a day. Then there is the amazing Nokia Music. Followed by the Nokia Mix Radio and FM radio. Yes the Mix Radio is a mix of various songs in various beats, handpicked by the Nokia team.

Then comes the five-inch screen. Well, who doesn’t love a five inch and awesome display! Even whatsapp images seem to get to life. Well, then again I’m a first time smartphone user. There is also the delight to the fast lane. The short cut to all the activities on the phone. But what delights you the most, is the five megapixel autofocus camera, with flash. And trust me when I say this, it actually, is amazing given its price.
 And then comes the biggest surprise, the front camera. The two megapixel front camera. And yah, trust me the front camera actually makes you look good no matter how exhausted you are. It is also the mirror in any emergency case. And trust me, no mirror in the world can match up to this expertise.

Well, and in the end it is priced at something around ten thousand. It was a delight to get my phone out of my own pay. Yes, I didn’t feel the pinch, and actually saved enough to throw a new phone party!

Susweta Bose [MA  Mass Communication and Journalism]
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