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Sunday 24 June 2012

Nokia unfazed by Windows Phone 8 block for existing Lumia handsets,

 Nokia believes that the lack of an upgrade path to Windows Phone 8 shouldn't perturb customers from investing in its current Lumia line-up.

Microsoft's announcement that existing 7.5 devices would not get the Apollo operating system dealt a huge blow to owners of handsets like the Nokia Lumia 800 and Lumia 900.

Those handsets will receive a scaled-back Windows Phone 7.8 update, which will bring new features like the new Start screen and three Live Tile sizes, but the full monty will be reserved for new devices.

Nokia's SVP of Program and Product Management, Kevin Shields says this will be 'more than enough' to keep consumers happy and ensure a long lifetime for the devices, so crucial to its recovery.
Customers 'unaware of upgrade thing'

He told The Verge: "I definitely think it's more than enough. I think that ultimately your typical customer probably isn't all that aware of this upgrade thing.

"I definitely think with products like the Lumia 900, where a consumer walks in and buys that product they're getting great value and they're getting a great offering that's gonna have a long lifetime of innovation."

The feeling among many observers was that Microsoft's decision turned the handsets into 'lame ducks,' with little incentive for consumers to splash out on a device that has no route to the newest software.

Shields says that along with Windows Phone 7.8, Nokia is continually working on innovative new apps tailored for the Lumia devices to ensure everything stays fresh.

He says he has 'no problem' recommending the Lumia 900 to users, but then he would, wouldn't he? And, for a company positioning itself as a rival to Apple and Android, to suggest most customers don't care about software upgrades sounds a little naive. 

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